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Share your love with one of our limited edition handmade gift boxes! Items in each collection is created or hand-picked by the shop owner with love and care:)

Gift Box Set w/ Dried/Preserved Flower Card

C$78.00 Regular Price
C$58.50Sale Price

  • Each gift box includes:

    AliceBlue Florist - Handmade Dried/Preserved Flower Card
    A special limited edition handcrafted card made with cotton flower, sola flower, golden ball and ruzi. It allows you to deliver your personal blessing! Ghostwriting is available if you wish to send the gift box directly to your loved ones. Just mark your order as a gift and leave us a note of your message. To make it even more special, it is only available for the gift box sets, not for sale alone :) 
    Size: 10.75*14cm


    Sunflower Home Decoration - Hand-Woven Felt Little Lamb
    inspired by the lamb in a fairy tale story, the creator hand crafted these little lambs with wove, wooden sticks, etc. Created with such simple materials and design, it's just simply adorable. 


    Aube Fraiche Japan - Botanical Air Freshener & Deodorant
    A well known Japanese brand of aroma that advocates the use of plant based materials in its products. Their signature odours include Classic Pear, Queen’s Lily & Oriental Musk are purely nature and botanical extractives. Harmless for children and pets. The fragrance can last about 2-4 weeks, while the function of deodorant can last up to 8 weeks.
    The minimal design perfectly fits in a variety of indoor environments, such as car, bathroom, closest, etc. 
    Odours: Classic Pear, Queen’s Lily & Oriental Musk (will be randomly disturbed unless specify)
    Package Size: 180*100*3mm


    Ylstyle Acc - Handmade Hair Band
    Handmade vintage and elegant hair assessors by Ylstyle Acc. 


    Dolfin Belgium - Mini Chocolate Bar
    Always hold accountable of the environmental and health concerns, Dolfin has been passionated in making their chocolates with mix natural and high quality ingredients. Fruits, spices, herbs, flowers or even the great classics are combined in perfect and subtle blends with the best Belgium traditional chocolates.
    Flavours: Petits Beurres, Biscuits Sables, Pistaches Grillees, Amandes Grillees, Figues, Eclats de Cacao, Eclats de Caramel, Nougat et Miel (will be randomly disturbed unless specify)
    Weight: 30g


    The Tea Spot - Pyramid Tea Sachets
    Top-selling handcrafted organic loose leaf teas are in biodegradable pyramid tea sachets. Combining whole leaf premium tea with convenience, while maintaining their commitment to eco-friendly design with the biodegradable sachet material—removing all compromise.
    Flavours: Earl Grey, Chun Mei , Grapefruit, Mango, Matcha, Passionfruit, Very Berry, Sancha, Bai Mu dan, Lemon Green, Jasmine, Lemon Ginger, etc (will be randomly disturbed unless specify)

    AliceBlue Florist - Gift Packaging & a Christmas Wishing Card 
    Gift wrapped is included for all gift box purchases! A minimal design of blessing card is also attached to the gift box. 

    Box size: 20*20*8cm

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