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This soy wax aroma sachet is made of all natural ingredients, such as soy wax, essential oil and dried flowers. It’s an ideal alternation of candles, especially for families with kids and pets, to fill your place with fragrance without using any chemicals. 


You can simply hang the wax sachet on the wall, or place it in an open container or on the shelf in a closet, a small room, or in a drawer. 
* please avoid any high temperature and humid environments. 


It is also a great choice as a birthday or house warming gift!

Soy Wax Scented Air Freshener/ Sachet - Ironwood

  • Size: 5*10cm

    - Sage leaf: a real earthy, herbaceous scent. Mint like; refreshing and brings coolness to the nostrils.
    - Balsam & Cedar: a camphoraceous woody blend of pine, eucalyptus, cedarwood; finished with sweet balsam. (personal favourite! recommended! )**
    - Maple Butterscotch: a rich, creamy and delightfully scrumptious combination of soft maple, caramelized brandy, and sweet undertones of smooth golden english toffee. Perfect for the holiday season!
    - Soy: a light milky and natural soy scent; fragrance-free. Mainly for decoration.

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